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Community Explorers: Adventures Beyond Home

"A Journey of Strength and Support."

At Autism Mom Xtraordinaire LLC, our mission is to empower, support, and celebrate mothers of children with autism by providing resources, services, and a nurturing community that fosters personal growth, self-care, and a deeper understanding of their children's unique needs.

Kendra,"Autism Trainer Expert"

Community Explorers: Adventures Beyond Home" is a simulation game designed to help autistic children navigate and understand social experiences in various community settings. Through immersive and interactive gameplay, players will gain confidence, social skills, and knowledge about different public places like restaurants, movies, skating rinks, and bowling alleys

Game Description

Gameplay Overview

Here’s What We Learn


Town Exploration

Players navigate through a virtual town featuring different community settings, including a restaurant, movie theater, skating rink, and bowling alley. Each location is visually represented with interactive elements and characters.

Social Interaction

Players encounter virtual characters representing staff members or other visitors in each community setting. They can engage in social interactions by initiating conversations, asking questions, or responding to dialogue prompts. The game provides pre-set phrases and options to support communication and social engagement.


Activities and Challenges

Each community setting offers specific activities and challenges that simulate real-life experiences. These activities can include ordering food at a restaurant, buying movie tickets, choosing skating equipment, or participating in a bowling game. Players can practice decision-making, following instructions, and problem-solving while engaging in these simulated activities.

Visual and Auditory Cues

The game employs visual and auditory cues to assist players in understanding social norms and expectations. For example, in a restaurant, visual cues may indicate where to sit or how to use cutlery, while auditory cues may simulate background noise to familiarize players with the environment.


Sensory Preparation

Before entering each community setting, players can access a sensory preparation mode. This mode provides information about the sensory experiences they may encounter, such as bright lights, loud noises, or crowded spaces. Players can customize the level of sensory stimulation to match their comfort levels.

Social Scripts

The game includes social scripts, which are step-by-step guides for navigating social situations. Players can access these scripts to learn appropriate behaviors and responses in different community settings. Social scripts can be reinforced through interactive role-playing exercises within the game.


Progress Tracking

The game tracks players' progress in each community setting and provides feedback on their performance. This allows players to identify areas for improvement and celebrate achievements.

Reward System

Players earn virtual rewards, such as tokens or badges, for successfully completing activities and demonstrating appropriate social behaviors. These rewards can be used to unlock additional features or customization options


Parental Involvement

The game includes a parent dashboard where parents can monitor their child's progress, review social scripts, and access resources to support social skills development in real-life community settings.

Accessibility Features

The game incorporates accessibility features such as customizable visuals, adjustable sound levels, and text-to-speech support to ensure inclusivity for players with diverse needs.

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Embrace the Possibilities: Guiding Your Autism Journey

The moment your child was diagnosed, your entire world changed. You were tossed into the confusing role of warrior mom overnight. But sister, your strength was always inside you.

Let our packages become your armor and sword—equipping you to embrace this journey with power. We are mothers too; we know the ache in your heart, the sleepless nights. That is why we created these tiered offerings designed specifically for your family, your budget, your needs.

Start with our Starter bundle, and gain knowledge through our eBook and tracking tools. When you are ready for more, our Core package provides the community and coaching to help you find solid ground. We’ll be your guide, but the inner wisdom is yours.

If school support feels overwhelming, lean on our Advocate tier. We will stand with you, make sense of the IEP maze, and teach self-reliance. Or immerse yourself in our Premium option, receiving our full curriculum of eBooks, toolkits, family care plans and 1:1 mentorship.

Finally, if complete customization is required, we offer fully personalized packages tailored to your exceptional child. Mom, take our hand. Your power awaits. This diagnosis does not own you; your journey belongs to no one but you. We are simply here to shine a light until you realize you already know the way.

Embrace the Journey



Starter Package:

  • Autism Education eBook 

  • My Autism Journal

  • Autism Checklist & Activities Guide 

  • Weekly Tips 

  • Self-Care Vision Board

  • The Starter Package comprehensively introduces customers to autism education and support through interactive guides, practical tools, and ongoing tips.

  • This valuable bundle includes an Autism Education eBook, Autism Journal, Activities Guide, Weekly Tips, and Self-Care Vision Board.

  • Together, these resources explain autism traits, promote life skills, empower goal-setting, and provide continuous guidance.

  • Designed to engage and empower, the Starter Package is an exceptional value for those seeking to understand autism and support success.

Embrace the Journey: Growth




  • Autism Education eBook

  • IEP Planner and Workbook

  • My Autism Journal

  • Autism Checklist & Activities Guide

  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Self-Care Affirmations

  • The Core Package provides an expanded bundle of resources to empower those living with autism.

  • This robust set includes tools to explain autism, map educational goals, track progress, build skills, offer monthly coaching, and promote self-care.

  • With its interactive mix, the Core Package aims to equip individuals and families with the knowledge, support, and resources to gain independence and confidence in understanding and thriving with autism.

  • Designed for those ready to make meaningful strides in their journey.

Embrace the Journey: Advocate



IEP Advocate Package:

  • IEP Process Education E-Book

  • Attend Virtual IEP Meeting

  • Consult on IEP Goals

  • Explain Special Ed Services

  • Help Create Accommodations List  

  • Provide Modified Documentation Examples

  • Teach Self-Advocacy Skills

  • Assist Filing Complaints 

  • Email & Phone Support

  • The IEP Advocate Package empowers families to get the best IEP through education and support. 

  • This bundle provides an e-book, meeting attendance, goal consultation, explanation of services, accommodations assistance, modified document examples, self-advocacy skills training, and ongoing email/phone support. 

  • Designed to equip families to understand rights, secure optimal services, and amplify their child's voice in the planning process.

Embrace the Journey: Thrive



Premium Package

  • Autism Education eBook

  • IEP Planner and Workbook

  • Behavior Management Strategies eBook

  • My Autism Journal

  • Skill Building Activities Guide

  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Quarterly 1:1 Coaching

  • Self-Care Vision Board

  • The Premium Package provides a comprehensive bundle of resources and support for living with autism.

  • This robust set includes eBooks, planners, journals, coaching, and more to equip individuals and families with extensive knowledge and practical tools to understand autism and develop greater independence.

  • Designed for those committed to making major positive strides in their autism journey.

Embrace the Journey: Empowered



Ultimate Package:

  • All eBooks and Workbooks

  • My Autism Journal

  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Quarterly 1:1 Coaching

  • Custom Visual Schedule & Toolkit

  • Sibling & Family Education eBook

  •  2 x Expert Training 

  • IEP Advocacy Training

  • Additional Resources

  • Priority Email Support

  • Self-Care Affirmations

Embrace Your Journey: Designed For You



Customizable Package:

  • Custom "Family Care Plan

  • Personalized Tools & Aids

  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching

  • Quarterly Reviews

  • Ongoing Email Access

  • IEP Meeting Support

  • Custom Stories & Plans

  • Service Arrangement Help

  • Additional Specialized Resources

  • The Customizable Package provides personalized support through customized resources, tools, coaching, and guidance tailored to individual needs.

  • This includes a Family Care Plan, 1:1 Coaching, Reviews, Email Access, IEP Meeting Support, custom Stories & Plans, service arrangement assistance, and additional specialized resources.

  • Designed for those seeking a fully individualized program to promote skills, independence, and success based on their unique autism journey and needs.

Unlocking the Extraordinary

"Empowering Your Child's Autism Journey."

Online Class

Autism Embraced Mentorship for Moms: Guiding You on Your Autism Journey

Autism Embraced Mentorship for Moms is a transformative program designed to provide dedicated support and guidance to moms of children with autism. Our mentorship program aims to empower moms by offering personalized guidance, emotional support, and empowering resources to navigate the unique challenges of raising a child on the autism spectrum. With experienced mentors who understand the intricacies of the autism journey, moms can expect a compassionate and empathetic space to express their concerns, share their experiences, and receive valuable insights. Through a goal-oriented approach, we work together to identify specific goals for each child and provide the necessary tools and strategies to achieve them. Additionally, our vibrant community of moms fosters connections, offering a network of support, understanding, and friendship. By joining Autism Embraced Mentorship for Moms, you can embrace the journey with confidence, knowing that you have a dedicated team of mentors and a supportive community by your side. Together, we will navigate the challenges, celebrate the milestones, and empower both you and your child to thrive.

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